The Fast and the Furious [1955]



Regie: John Ireland & Edward Sampson
Erstausstrahlung: 1955
Laufzeit: 73 Minuten

Lizenz: Public Domain


Charged with a murder he did not commit, truck driver Frank Webster (John Ireland) has broken out of jail. While on the run, and the subject of radio news reports, he is cornered in a small coffee shop by a zealous citizen who is suspicious of the stranger. Frank manages to escape and, as he gets away, kidnaps a young woman named Connie (Dorothy Malone).

Frank drives off with Connie in her Jaguar sports car. She soon proves a difficult hostage, trying to escape a few times, which leads him to treat her more roughly than they both would prefer. This mutual struggle soon leads the two to fall in love.

Continuing to elude police, the couple slips into a cross-border sports car race, which Frank plans to use to his advantage to escape into Mexico. Faber (Bruce Carlisle), one of Connie’s friends, is wary of the new stranger driving her car and tries to learn more about Frank.

During the race, Frank abandons his chance to escape when he chooses to aid Faber who has crashed. Out of sympathy for Frank and a desire to be with him, Connie informs the police of his plan to reach Mexico so he might face trial and be acquitted. At the last moment, Frank also decides it is better to turn himself in and somehow find a future with Connie. The race ends with his imminent capture by the police.

Andrew Grimes

Andrew Grimes wurde in den siebziger Jahren in der Bundeshauptstadt Wien geboren. Schon in seiner Jugendzeit lauschte er gerne alten Musikstücken, interessierte sich für geschichtliche Ereignisse und erfreute sich am historischen automobilen Rennsport. Etwa 2015 begann sich seine Leidenschaft auch auf seine Lebensweise auszuwirken. Langsam änderten sich Interessen sowie Kleidungsstil, auch besuchte Andrew Grimes immer häufiger einschlägige Veranstaltungen der sogenannten Vintage-Szene.

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